We Offer Area Rug Cleaning at Our Rug Spa

Hand washing of wool, silk and most area rugs is the proper and safest way to clean your fine Rug 

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Area Rug Cleaning Edmonton, St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and Metro Edmonton

Specialists in wool, silk, natural and synthetic area rug cleaning.


For centuries people around the world have appreciated the comfort and look of a fine area rug.  Whether your area rug is natural fiber or synthetic we will take special care of assuring that it is cleaned in the proper fashion.

We use our exclusive Premium Deep Wash ProcessTM

  1. We carefully inspect your rug 
  2. We determine which cleaning method will be best
  3. Your rug is measured and a price is given
  4. We carefully take the rug to our plant
  5. Your rug is power dusted and vacuumed using a rug duster and compressed air
  6. Your rug is either Hand washed in a rug pit or machine washed using only the finest and safest products to get it looking like new
  7. Your rug is dried in our drying room where we can control airflow and humidity
  8. Your rug is inspected and touched up to ensure it is spotless
  9. Some rugs may have to be washed and dried a second time
  10. Your rug is thencarefully wrapped and delivered back to your home or office in pristine condition


Pet Urine and Stain Decontamination

We can decontaminate an area rug by our Decontamination Fresh CleanTM  Cleaning Process.  The same process is used as above but with the introduction of enzymes, deodorizer and sanitizers.  


We Carefully hand wash your wool and silk rugs using the best method . Machines that you rent or buy are not recommended. Home steam machines can leave behind residue in your rug or could leave your rug much wetter than is safe. 

H & M Carpet Care offers many different types of treatments for your area rug:

- Anti-allergen treatment: this method is used for clients who are sensitive to smells and or have allergies to dust mites by applying an anti-allergen treatment this will help with any irritants that may settle back on to the area rug.


-3M Scotchgard Rug Protector: Our most popular treatment this is applied too wall to wall carpets as well as area rugs especially with synthetic area rugs, the rug protector treatment helps with liquid spills for easy clean up, the protector holds the liquid on the surface of the carpet without it seeping into the carpet fibers and staining the carpet a worth while investment for all carpet types. 

Wool area rugs are expensive and, even if you find a wool area rug on sale for a fabulous price, you still don’t want to ruin it the first time you go to clean it. There are a variety of products and ways to clean your wool area rug. Not all products are good for wool fibers; the following tips will help you clean your wool rug without the fear of harming it.


Homeowner tips on how to clean up immediate spills on your wool area rug or wall to wall carpet

It is best to clean your wool rug regularly so that stains and dirt do not set in. If you find a stain clean it immediately. Use a towel to soak up the spill. Wool is very sensitive to abrasion so do not scrub the stain because this can cause matting of your rug and can cause the stain to move deeper into the fibers. For more details call our office 780 456-3644.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Vacuuming is the best and easiest way to clean your area rug and will help extend the life of your wool silk or synthetic rug. For the first year few years of owning your wool rug you may notice that excess fuzz ends up all over the rug. This is just loose fibers working their way out and is not a defect  of the rug. You can vacuum the fuzz up and eventually the rug will cease this “shedding”.Make sure that the beater bar of your vacuum is set high so that it does not agitate the rug too much. Also be sure to make an M with the vacuum to help prevent matting of the rug.

Tips on how not to clean your wool area rug

Do not use dry powders to clean your wool rug. These can stay in the fibers of your rug causing the rug to mat. Also, do not use “oxi” type cleaners on your wool rug. This product is not meant for use on natural fibers.  NEVER use chlorine bleach on a silk rug, it will dissolve it.