Yes Its Spring! Get your Carpets and Furniture Cleaned!

Its Spring!  Winter in tye Edmonton area is long.  Finally we have more sunlight, and we can start to enjoy the outdoors. However your house has been shut for months on... Read More »

Area Rug Washing

Now is the time to wash your area rug!     Read More »

Area Rug Cleaning

Hope everyone is well.  We are taking it easy during the holiday break and looking forward to 2021 being a better year and leaving 2020 in our rearview mirror! Love this silk Rug!  Pick... Read More »

Hurry! Time to clean the camping smell from your RV!

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Motorhome & RV Carpet Cleaning - Our Truckmount Can Come to You

    By Dean Assiff I got a call from an awesome client, Gregg,  last spring.  He needed the inside of his motorhome cleaned and did not want to drive the big... Read More »

Carpet Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best time to clean your carpets upholstery and area rugs.  Visit for all your spring cleaning needs.  Call 780-456-3644 for more info or to book an... Read More »

The 7 Most Difficult Stains to Remove from Carpet

The Seven Deadly Carpet Stains By Dean Assiff My professional carpet cleaning career spans more than a quarter century.  Thats over 25 years.  Back then carpets were dark brown, red... Read More »

Simple Carpet Stain Removal Edmonton, Alberta

Animal and plant based carpet stains Basically most household carpet stains can be categorized into two types.  Stains that come from an animal and those that come from a plant.  Stains that come... Read More »

H&M Carpet Care

Attention all homeowners H&M Carpet care Edmonton needs to remind you that clean carpets make for a healthy home. Your carpet is a fiber just like the sheets on your bed. What would your sheets... Read More »

Reducing allergies | Dust mites | Dirty carpets | Edmonton

Do you find yourself sneezing a lot indoors for no particular reason it might have something to do with indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year minimum depending on... Read More »

Looking for a carpet cleaning company Edmonton

DON'T GAMBLE! When choosing a carpet cleaning company. Have you had poor results from your last carpet cleaner? High prices, poor quality work, carpets wet for days? anybody can wet carpet, but we... Read More »

Spot and Stain Removal, Carpet Cleaning Edmonton

Can you remove all the spot and stains out of my carpet, I would love to say yes but it's not realistic by hiring H&M Carpet care we can remove most stains out if your carpet without any... Read More »

What is the best way to clean your carpets, Edmonton

I get this question asked almost every day what is the best method to get my carpets cleaned, and the answer is a truck mount stream cleaning hot water extraction is the best and most thorough way... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Protection, Edmonton

You Wouldn’t Go Into The Hot Summer Sun Without Sun Protection Would You? Hello friend!  Of course, we know the importance of protecting our skin during the heat of summer.  Well, just like you... Read More »

How to remove red wine from your carpet - Call us!

How to clean red wine from your carpet or area rug   Materials that you require:  Clean white cloth or paper towels, Baking soda, water 1st:  Blot up the area with a clean white cloth or paper... Read More »

Wool Area Rug Cleaning and Tips, How to clean silk area rug

Tips on how to clean your wool area rug. H&M Carpet Care – Edmonton, AB Wool area rugs are expensive and, even if you found a wool area rug on sale for a fabulous... Read More »

Pet Odor and stain removal tips H&M carpet cleaning

Pet odor removing tips Have you noticed that pets tend to return to the same place in the house when they make their periodic pee/urine and other mistakes. Pets have an excellent sense of smell; in... Read More »

Tips on keeping your home green Edmonton Carpet Cleaner

Tips for Enjoying a Green and Healthy Home                                                                         Being... Read More »

Rug Cleaning in Edmonton, A.B.

Buying rugs. (Tips for the nervous rug shopper.) By Lisa Wagner Everyone has heard a story, or seen an exposé, on someone being ripped off on a rug purchase. They were sold an “antique”...when... Read More »